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Location of the College


Geographically, our institution, Bajkul Milani Mahavidyalaya is situated in between 22°01´37.5´´ N to 22°01´29.9´´N latitude and 87°49´11.3´´E to 87°49´01.6´´E longitude.Geomorphologically, this is on Bajkul suburb zone over Coastal Purba Medinipur. The site of the college has a charming view in the background of luxuriant rural landscape of nature. At the same time it enjoys a network facility of communications making possible quick travels to important places like Digha (towards South), Calcutta (towards North), two neighbourhood district towns, Midnapore (towards North-West) and Tamluk (towards North) and Bwagwanpur Police Station (towards West). Thus the institution has got an extended hinterland from over which thousands of students may avail themselves of the opportunities of receiving education from this ever growing centre of higher education. Moreover, Digha-Tamluk railway has passed though this area embracing the college campus (Nearest station is ‘Deshapran’).